About Us

Cooking has always been a massive part of my life. I grew up surrounded by talented home cooks, like my mom, aunts, and grandmas. So, I learned early on that a home-cooked meal was a meaningful way to show people you care. My home baking and cooking contributed to many a church supper, family gathering, and other social events. My passion for food developed into a part-time catering business as our kids grew older.

I always dreamed of having a well-equipped kitchen where I could prepare tasty and satisfying homemade food for people. Building started in 2012, and over a year later, after my husband, son, and father-in-law worked many long hours to design and build our new home (which houses my self-contained commercial kitchen), my dream became a reality!

Now, I have the perfect place to create delicious home-cooked meals for people to share as they mark life's most meaningful events, like weddings, anniversaries, and celebrations of life. I also cater to businesses, giving companies a hearty and wholesome alternative to packed lunches, grocery store platters, or ordering fast food. My goal is to partner with clients so that their dinners (whether corporate or family-based) are relaxing and memorable. After all, a meal should be a pleasure, never an ordeal!

Table with homemade pies
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